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Losing a significant amount of weight, whether through surgical methods or traditional methods such as diet and exercise, is a tremendous accomplishment. Unfortunately, people are often disappointed by the excess skin and tissue that remains following massive weight loss. To help you achieve the smooth, slim body you deserve after all your hard work, our surgeons provide cosmetic surgery after weight loss in New York.

If you would like to find out more about post bariatric surgery at any of our New York locations, request a complimentary consultation online or contact us at (914) 761-8667. Our surgeons look forward to helping you achieve your reconstructive and cosmetic goals.

What’s New

With a lower body lift, several areas can be targeted at once. Multiple procedures are combined to provide the most effective lifting possible. This reduces recovery time and the lower portion of the body can be improved all at once.

The CSANY Difference

We understand and appreciate your commitment to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals for a smooth and svelte body contour. The decision to have bariatric surgery is a great step toward being healthy, and we look forward to helping you achieve the body contours you’ve always wanted.

Procedure Overview

In New York, cosmetic surgery after weight loss can help to reveal smoother body contours. We offer the following body contouring procedures:

Arm Lift: Brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, is performed by creating a single incision in the underarm or a longer incision along the inner portion of the upper arm. Excess tissue is removed and the skin is tightened.

Thigh Lift: Thigh lift incisions are normally made on the hip or along the creases between the leg and the front part of the torso. The excess skin is removed for a tight and taut appearance. This procedure in particular can substantially reduce chafing and increase patient comfort.

Lower Body Lift: A lower body lift can address loose or overhanging skin on the abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks, and thighs. By removing excess skin and small pockets of residual fat, your surgeon is able to sculpt this area of the body into a tighter, smoother shape.

These procedures may also be performed in conjunction with breast and facial cosmetic surgeries for a total body rejuvenation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait after my weight loss for plastic surgery?

It is recommended that patients wait until they have reached a stable weight to have a body contouring procedure after weight loss in New York. This can sometimes take up to a year, depending on the individual. The important thing is that a person’s weight remains consistent before their plastic surgery.

Which procedures should I choose?

There are several options for body contouring after weight loss, and choosing certain procedures is highly dependent on what you are trying to accomplish. During your consultation, you and your surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York will determine which procedures will yield optimal results.

Is this surgery covered by insurance?

Insurance may cover some procedures such as a breast lift or male breast reduction. However, insurance generally does not cover weight loss related plastic surgeries. It is recommended that patients keep records and document any rashes or health related issues for insurance purposes.

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