Med Spa Services for Men in Westchester County

Also serving Harrison, Valhalla, & Carmel Hamlet

The Medi-Spa at CSNY knows how to take care of our gentlemen. Skincare is not just for women anymore. We offer customized facials and peels tailored to skin specific issues. Our medical grade skincare products will have her wondering how you got that glow! Whether you have hair in all the wrong places, or not enough in all the right places we are here to help. If hair loss is a problem, you’re in good hands.

Gentleman’s Pore Refining Facial

This deep cleansing pore refining facial best suits those individuals that have problematic skin prone to acne and congestion. A combination of exfoliating, extractions and bacteria fighting ingredients, will leave your skin feeling clean and detoxified.

Gentleman’s Sensitive Facial

A calming and restorative facial for sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation, and dryness. This treatment combines gentle cleansing and exfoliation followed by an application of vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors to restore the skins integrity.

Restore: Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP infusions for Hair Loss

Have you been noticing your hairline starting to recede? Is it affecting your self-confidence and self-esteem? Sooner or later some men will begin to experience hair loss. Traditionally the only wat to combat that was getting a hair transplant, while effective, can be costly and uncomfortable. In addition people with moderate hair loss may not be candidates for a hair transplant. At CSANY our board certified Plastic Surgeons have an alternative solution.

Our restorative hair loss treatment provides a minimally invasive way to add volume and thickness back into the hair. By combining your body’s own growth factors or platelet rich plasma we draw a small amount of blood, spin out the growth factors through a process called centrifugation and inject it into the scalp. Once injected into the scalp, the growth factors go to work stimulating new hair growth. Typically, you can see an improvement after one treatment, however a series of three to four treatments are necessary for your hair to appear denser and thicker.

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Remove: Laser Hair Removal for Men

A solution for hair in all the wrong places. The medi-Spa at CSNY can help with a series of non-invasive Laser Hair Removal treatments which can be done on the back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs and face to permanently reduce unwanted hair. The technological advancements of V-IPL ensures that you will receive the best results possible while undergoing the fastest, most comfortable treatments with no downtime. During this non-invasive approach to hair removal light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle. The light’s heat destroys the hair follicle and causes the hair to fall out. Multiple sessions are required as the IPL light can only affect the hair follicles when they are in the growth phase and treatment plans will vary depending on the amount, shade and texture of your hair. You should not expose the treated area to the sun 2 weeks prior to your appointment and you should not wax or tweeze 4 weeks prior to your treatment, however it is necessary that you shave. A series of 6 or more treatments are necessary for proper results.

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