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Increasingly popular over the past few years, fat injections give our New York patients 2 benefits at once: withdrawing unwanted fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another where it can create a more youthful appearance. Fat injections can be used to smooth lines in your face or build up other features such as your lips. Because the fat is your own tissue, there is no chance of allergy or rejection.

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What’s New

Instead of using traditional augmentation methods such as implants, fat cells can be removed via liposuction and harvested to be placed in various areas of the body. Our surgeons are skilled in the latest developments and techniques of this procedure.


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Meet the Surgeons

The CSANY Difference

Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York offers fat injections to women and men who are looking for alternatives to dermal fillers or implants. Transferring fat from one area of the body to another can sometimes be a more preferable method of augmentation than facial implants, depending on the patient.

Procedure Overview

Using liposuction, unwanted fat is taken from one area and harvested for use in the selected area to augment and improve facial definition. Although patients can achieve long-lasting results, a certain percentage of injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body. Therefore, the procedure may need to be repeated to achieve and maintain the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fat transfer results permanent?

Fat injections, when performed correctly, are permanent. However, it may take more than one treatment to transfer the amount of fat you desire, considering that some fat may not survive once injected. Your surgeon will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Can fat injections be used to augment the breasts?

At this time, injection of fat to enlarge the breasts is possible but generally achieves limited benefits and has the possibility of creating dense scarring that may hinder accurate interpretation of both breast self-exams and mammograms. A much more effective and practical option for breast augmentation is breast implants.

Will fluctuations in weight affect my results?

Fluctuations in weight will affect the results of your fat transfer procedure in that it may change your body proportions. Because your fat cells do not increase in number as an adult, the cells will only expand if weight is gained. We recommend that patients be close to their ideal body weight before their fat transfer procedure.

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