Breast Augmentation Revision in Westchester County

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Women may be unhappy with their breast augmentation results for several reasons, including breast size, implant position, or complications such as capsular contracture and rippling. The experienced breast surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York offer revision surgery for breast augmentation in Westchester County, NY. They have extensive experience correcting a variety of concerns and complications to help women achieve the beautiful, natural-looking results they originally wanted.

If you would like to find out more about breast augmentation revision at any of our locations serving Fairfield, Westchester, and Putnam Counties, request a complimentary consultation online or contact us at (914) 761-8667. Our surgeons look forward to helping you achieve your reconstructive and cosmetic goals.

What’s New

Many women are now opting for silicone gel breast implants instead of saline implants. Some women who had breast augmentation before silicone gel implants were approved by the FDA in 2006 are coming to our practice to “trade out” their saline implants for silicone, which can provide a more natural appearance and feel. Our surgeons continue to learn about and perform new techniques for revising breast implant results.


Meet the Surgeons

Working in collaborative atmosphere, this talented group of physicians is here to listen to your goals and work alongside.

Meet the Surgeons

The CSANY Difference

We understand that it can be a tough choice to have another breast surgery. Our surgeons and staff are here to help address your concerns so you can make a good choice about breast implant revision. We have experience with revision procedures and know that in many cases these surgeries are more technically challenging than the initial breast enhancement procedure. We will discuss which techniques can help you achieve the look you want–the look that you originally intended.

Procedure Overview

Breast augmentation revision can be performed for many reasons. One of our breast surgery specialists will discuss your concerns during your consultation and help determine the most effective way to help achieve your goals. Revision procedures often take longer than the initial breast augmentation because they are usually more complicated and complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common reasons women choose breast augmentation revision?

Many women come to us for breast augmentation revision for “elective implant exchange” because they want to change the sizes of their implants (larger or smaller) or they want to have silicone implants instead of saline (or vice versa). Others require breast implant replacement due to a leak or rupture of the implant. Also, some women may experience complications, such as:

  • Capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue around a breast implant)
  • Symmastia (implants sit too close together)
  • “Bottoming out” (implants sit too low inside the breast)
  • Other complications such as rippling

What is a “silent rupture”?

Because of the design of silicone gel implants, there is a possibility that the implant shell may become torn or punctured without a woman even noticing. Unlike saline implants, which will almost immediately deflate if the implant shell is ruptured, silicone gel implants are designed to retain their same shape, making it hard to tell that the implant has even ruptured. To detect these “silent ruptures,” the FDA recommends periodic MRIs for women with silicone gel breast implants.

What will my recovery be like?

Every breast implant revision case is different. Depending on what the concern is, recovery time will vary. Although the procedure may be more complex than the initial breast enlargement, many of our revision surgery patients feel that recovery is similar to that of the original procedure. The risks of breast augmentation revision surgery will be discussed in detail during your consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York.

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