Cosmetic skin facials in Westchester County, NY

Facials are therapeutic experiences — your skin feels recharged while you feel pampered. At NYCS Medi-Spa, our aesthetician will customize each facial treatment to suit the needs and desires of each guest.   While you can try to replicate a facial experience at home, most of our clients concede that they cannot compare this to the comfort and effectiveness of a professional facial.

Benefits of Facials

Cosmetic skin facials in Westchester CountyFacials are beloved for a multitude of reasons. Here is what facials can achieve:

  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Cleanse the skin
  • Smooth the texture of the skin
  • Cut down on dark circles and bags beneath your eyes
  • Detoxify the skin
  • Even out the pigmentation of the skin
  • Cut down on future acne breakouts
  • Provide extra elasticity to the skin
  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Relieve stress

Types of Facials

At CSNY Medi-Spa, we offer several types of facials to accommodate a diverse client base:

Simplicity: Our classic customized facial combines skin specific cleansing and exfoliating followed by extractions and a mask. Finished off with a luxurious moisturizer, your skin will feel healthy, refreshed and glowing.

Balance: A calming and restorative facial for sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation, and dryness. This treatment combines gentle cleansing and exfoliation followed by an application of vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors to restore the skins integrity.

Detox: This deep cleansing pore refining facial best suits those individuals that have problematic skin prone to acne and congestion. A combination of exfoliating, extractions and bacteria fighting ingredients, will leave your skin feeling clean and detoxified.

On the Go: Also known as the lunch time facial, this 30-minute powerhouse treatment will give you everything you need in half the time.

Just for Teens: Moms and Dads…fret no more! Our holistic approach to acne starts with getting to know your teen and providing support and guidance while they are learning to take care of their skin. A deep cleanse followed by extractions and a take home kit with bacteria fighting ingredients can provide a starting point for future improvement.

Hydrafacial: Our truly unique signature treatment, Hydrafacial MD® is the only Hydradermabrasion procedure that combines patented Vortex Fusion technology ot cleanse, exfoliate, extract and insufe the skin with specific serums simultaneously. The results give you a truly radiant appearance immediately after. Referred to as the Red Carpet Facial, if you have special occasion to attend, you must experience the Hydrafacial treatment to see what everyone is talking about!

If you are not positive which type of facial will be best for you, our aesthetician would be happy to make a recommendation after examining your skin. We promise to have you feeling and looking more refreshed than when you came in.

Schedule a Facial

There is a reason that so many of our guests who try a facial with us continue to come back for subsequent treatments. This relaxing procedure can make a genuine improvement to the appearance of your face. To book a facial appointment with our considerate aesthetician, call (914) 761-8667.

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