Plastic Surgery Options Port Chester, NY

Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you get the look you want. Our innovative procedures are carried out in our modern and comfortable facility, where you can feel confident in the work of our surgeons and staff. We are committed to providing exceptional care and optimal results, which is why we consider each patient’s unique needs. You can rest assured that you are heard in our facility, and our surgeons make it a point to provide the proper education on your intended procedures to help increase understanding. Thank you for considering us for your cosmetic needs.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck near Port Chester, NYDiet, exercise, and weight loss may not be enough to reveal an attractive body contour, especially if your muscles have been weakened. After giving birth or losing a significant amount of weight, you may need a tummy tuck to improve the appearance of your body.

Often called abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery helps strengthen the abdomen wall by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. This effective procedure can be performed as either a full tummy tuck, which addresses the entire abdomen, or a mini tummy tuck, which targets the area below the navel. Patients choose techniques based on their problem areas and desired results, but your skilled surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York will work with you to recommend the best technique for you.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation near Port Chester, NYFull lips are often associated with health, beauty, and facial symmetry. Thin lips may impact confidence when speaking or smiling. The surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York perform lip augmentation to help Port Chester, NY patients achieve plump, defined lips that boost their smiles and self-esteem. When considering increasing the size of your lips, you may be concerned with ending up with an exaggerated result. A natural-looking result is possible from our skilled injectors, who are committed to the best outcome. Lip augmentation can also be combined with other procedures to help improve your look. Whether you are seeking fuller lips or simply wish to slightly enhance them, your goals are kept at the forefront.

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration near Port Chester, NYSome people may notice thinning of the hair early in life, such as the teen years; others may not experience hair loss until their 40s or later. No matter your age, it is natural to want a healthy head of hair, absent of thinning or balding areas. Patients in Port Chester, NY can find effective hair restoration treatments at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York. For the most natural-looking hair restoration solutions, our practice uses NeoGraft, an innovative, minimally invasive treatment that relocates donor hairs to the target areas in a comfortable, safe, and effective manner. The result is natural hair growth, no hair-plug appearance, and an improved look. Patients may also find the minimal downtime and limited scarring to be an advantage of this procedure. Achieve the fuller hair you desire with our hair restoration services.


Morpheus8 utilizes a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) technology that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis to deliver exceptional results for skin rejuvenation of the face and body.


Rhinoplasty near Port Chester, NYA proportionate, well-contoured nose contributes to the overall appearance of the face. Many people are self-conscious about the look of their noses, which can make it difficult to feel confident interacting with others. Top surgeons at our practice understand that patients in Port Chester, NY, who are considering rhinoplasty do not arrive at the decision lightly and often have a number of questions. This is why your surgeon listens closely to your rhinoplasty goals and concerns and will create a solution that addresses your needs and improves the look and function of your nose. Because each patient is unique, your rhinoplasty will be customized so that you can receive the best outcome and look for you.

Cosmetic Procedures in Port Chester, NY

If you desire to enhance your natural beauty, our team of top surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates can help you on your journey. With years of experience providing both surgical and non-surgical minimally invasive procedures, we are equipped to provide you with the results you want. From facelift surgery to BOTOX treatment and hair restoration, our innovative procedures can help you feel your best. Unlock your best self by calling our office to schedule a consultation.

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