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If you are troubled by hair loss, medical or surgical hair restoration may be the answer for you. At CSANY, our surgeons remain on the forefront of hair restoration technology by offering advanced options such as the Neograft® transplantation system. During your initial consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists in Westchester County, NY, the cause of your hair loss will be carefully evaluated and your treatment options will be thoroughly explained.

If you would like to find out more about hair restoration options including hair transplant surgery in Westchester County, NY, request a complimentary consultation online or call (914) 761-8667 for an appointment. Our surgeons look forward to helping you achieve your reconstructive and cosmetic goals.

What’s New

Medical treatments can effectively slow or even reverse hair loss in many patients. Some patients, however, prefer hair restoration surgery that can provide the most natural-looking and lasting solution to baldness. Although hair restoration takes time, once the process is completed, you will never have to worry about hair loss again.


Meet the Surgeons

Working in collaborative atmosphere, this talented group of physicians is here to listen to your goals and work alongside.

Meet the Surgeons

The CSANY Difference

When you visit our practice to meet with one of our surgeons, we will carefully evaluate why you are experiencing hair loss, as well as treatment options. There are many approaches to hair restoration and during your personal evaluation your surgeon will go over each and help you determine the approach that will work best for you. We are experienced and skilled with this procedure, and look forward to providing you with a hair loss solution that is permanent.

Procedure Overview

In men and women, hair loss, or “pattern baldness,” often results in a receding hairline or thinning crown. In women, hair loss most often occurs across the top of the scalp rather than at the frontal hairline. A family history of baldness often is a factor for both men and women who are losing their hair.

During your hair restoration procedure, donor hair will be taken from a specific area and transplanted to the targeted site. Because the tissue is your own, it will not be “rejected.” By placing these grafts close together, the result is a natural look.

Advantages of NeoGraft

One of the advanced tools our CSANY surgeons use is NeoGraft, perhaps the most innovative treatment in our hair restoration services. At our network of Westchester County, Fairfield County, and New York offices, we use this advanced device for follicular unit extraction, or FUE, to transplant hair follicles without an incision. FDA-cleared NeoGraft takes traditional manual FUE surgeries one step further by employing a device that uses pneumatic pressure to efficiently remove donor hairs without pulling, twisting, or cutting. Because the steps of the procedure move faster than those of traditional hair transplantation, the transplanted follicles spend less time outside the body and therefore have a better survival rate. Other advantages of NeoGraft include:

  • Brief recuperation: Many patients are back to work the next day.
  • Beautiful results: Natural hair growth without a noticeable “plugged” appearance.
  • No incision: No scalpel or staples are necessary. NeoGraft leaves no linear scar.
  • Versatile: NeoGraft is appropriate for both men and women with various patterns of baldness.

After a NeoGraft procedure, the original donor hair sheds naturally in about 2 weeks. After that, new hair begins to grow within 3 to 4 months. This new hair growth will last indefinitely, although NeoGraft does not stop hair loss on other parts of the head. Periodic maintenance can help, and our doctors work with you to help you develop a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for hair restoration?

Even men and women of a younger age who experience hair loss may be a candidate for hair restoration. However, it is important to wait until your ultimate pattern of loss is established or predictable before considering a hair transplant. The best way to determine if you are a candidate is to talk to your surgeon during consultation.

Will there be any visible scarring?

Any visible scarring will fade with time, becoming more inconspicuous. This process of scar lightening and fading may take several months. In general, our patients have not had trouble with scarring.

How long does hair restoration last?

Results from a hair restoration procedure in New York at our practice are permanent. In general, the hair follicles that are transplanted are resistant to going bald, making it a permanent solution for hair loss.

How much does hair restoration cost?

At our practice serving New York, Westchester County, and Fairfield County, hair transplant fees can vary from patient to patient. The size of the graft and the severity of your hair loss both have a hand in determining your procedure’s final cost. Regardless of the procedure you choose, our costs are competitive with those of other hair restoration clinics in the region. During your consultation, you receive a written quote that reflects the specifics of your procedure of choice.

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