New York Hair Transplant Surgeons Add Innovative NeoGraft® System

The plastic surgery specialists serving Westchester County, N.Y. at CSNY Cosmetic Surgery have added the advanced NeoGraft device to their array of hair restoration options for patients from around New York who want a natural look with no scarring.

Harrison, New York (May 2014) — Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York (, a multi-location plastic surgery practice based in Westchester County, N.Y., has added the NeoGraft system to its lineup of hair restoration options. This device provides hair transplant surgery in less time and leaves no scar behind.

“NeoGraft allows us to harvest follicles faster and with more accuracy than before,” says Dr. Christian I. Guzman, one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York. “The NeoGraft handpiece enables us to remove individual follicles without cutting the skin or leaving a long scar along the back of the head, as you’d see after a traditional transplant surgery.”

Instead of using a whole strip of skin and hair, NeoGraft is a follicular unit extraction, or FUE, device that collects donor follicles from an area where there is thick hair growth (usually the back of the head) and transplants them to a spot where hair is thinning. Past FUE methods required a surgeon to manually remove follicles. Although this didn’t leave a scar, it was a long, meticulous process.

NeoGraft uses controlled pneumatic pressure to gently remove the follicles one at a time without cutting, pulling, or twisting. This method keeps each follicle intact and enhances patient comfort, the New York surgeons say. By automating the process, NeoGraft takes less time than a traditional strip transplant or manual FUE transplant, and the follicles spend less time outside of the body. This increases their viability and enhances success rates.

“We chose to bring NeoGraft to our hair restoration patients in New York for a few reasons,” says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald. “It’s a fairly straightforward procedure that’s simple for us to perform, and we’ve seen some really remarkable results with it. Our patients love that it doesn’t leave a conspicuous scar, so it’s a suitable option for men and women who prefer to wear their hair short.”

Although NeoGraft is a good option for many people, the plastic surgeons say they prefer to see patients at their Westchester County or other New York offices for an in-person consultation to determine candidacy.

“In general, we’ve found that the best results are seen in patients who have ongoing, predictable hair loss due to genetics,” says Dr. Samuel J. Beran, another board-certified plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York. “People considering NeoGraft, or any hair transplant procedure, should have good coverage at the donor site. Prospective patients should also understand that the procedure can’t restore hair to the same fullness they had 15 or 20 years ago, but it can definitely create significant results.”

Follicles transplanted with NeoGraft continue to grow normally, although the procedure does not prevent further hair loss. Some patients choose to undergo an additional procedure at a later date, while others can adequately maintain their results with treatments such as Rogaine®, low-level laser therapy, or other non-invasive options.

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