Cellulite Treatment in Westchester County

Cellulite may be common and harmless to the human body, but that does not mean you have to learn to like it. We see a lot of patients who are displeased with the appearance of cellulite, particularly on their thighs and butts, though it is also known to appear on the stomach and upper arms.

Cellulite treatment in Westchester County, NYCellulite forms when fat cells accumulate beneath the skin. This fat pushes against the skin and creates a dimpled texture. Due to anatomical differences, women are much more susceptible to cellulite. Almost all women have some amount of cellulite, though the severity differs because of factors like age, body fat percentage and the thickness of the skin.

Staying hydrated is a great way to naturally reduce cellulite. Fluids help to remove the toxins in your body that can lead to cellulite. Maintaining a sensible diet can also help to keep cellulite at bay, but even healthy and slender women will notice some cellulite appear on their body.

Treat Cellulite with V-Form

V-Form Cellulite treatment in Harrison, NYRather than trying and being disappointed by topical creams for cellulite, when it comes to cellulite treatment, our team recommends V-Form. This non-invasive procedure has become a leading choice for body contouring with radiofrequency. It works by boosting metabolism and reducing the size of fat cells, while simultaneously increasing blood circulation.

Beyond reducing signs of cellulite, V-Form also reshapes the body to achieve more attractive contours while leaving your skin looking rejuvenated. Compared to laser and light treatments on the market, radiofrequency is able to work deeper in the skin, allowing it to address three layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. By targeting deeper tissue, it can better tackle the issues that manifest on the skin’s surface.

The course of treatment will depend on the amount of fat being treated. Typically, patients will come in for five to 10 treatments, with each treatment ranging from 15 to 45 minutes in length. Treatments are gentle, so patients should not experience any discomfort. There are no significant restrictions after undergoing V-Form, so you can resume your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

The effectiveness of V-Form has been supported in multiple clinical trials. It often takes multiple treatments before you see significant results. Your results will be best if performed by an expert aesthetician who is skilled with the device and understands how to operate all four intensities of radiofrequency to achieve the desired results.

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The bottom line is that no woman should feel uncomfortable in her skin. Cellulite may be a natural part of the female body, but prevailing beauty standards can make it difficult to accept dimpling on our skin. At Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York, we want to make sure that your skin looks great, and that you feel great as well.

If you would like to see less cellulite on your body, contact our skilled team today by calling (914) 761-8667. Over a series of short sessions, we will have your thighs, butt and any other trouble areas looking smooth again.

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