Acne Treatment in Westchester County

As unpleasant as it seems to have acne when you are teenager, it is at least common amongst young people going through puberty. Having acne as an adult can be just as difficult. Regardless of your age, the good news is that there are interventions that can help to improve the condition of your skin. At CSNY MediSpa, we offer two amazing procedures that have shown great success on acne: peels and IPL acne clearance.

Acne most frequently occurs when sebum — a natural oil present in the skin — is unable to escape through your pores which are clogged with dead skin. Clogged pores make it easier for bacteria to grow beneath the skin, which can manifest in the form of spots, or pimples, on your skin.

Acne chemical skin peels in Westchester County, NY

Your body produces more sebum during puberty, which leads to more blockages, though it can happen to adults at any age. Roughly 12 percent of women over the age of 25 experiencing acne regularly.


Patients seek chemical peels for multiple reasons, including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. On top of that, peels are also a great way to exfoliate the skin as well as reduce acne. Light (aka “lunchtime”) peels are exfoliating treatments that remove dead skin cells from your face more quickly than they would through the natural shedding process. Having less dead skin means fewer pore blockages, and in turn fewer pimples.

At CSNY MediSpa, we offer an array of medical-grade peel options, from SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals, and some are especially appropriate for exfoliating and reducing the bacteria that causes acne to cut down on acne.

Chemical peels have also proven successful at improving acne scars, though medium or deep grade peels are better suited to this job. During a consultation, our team can determine whether your skin is suitable for treatment with the more intense types of peels.

IPL Acne Clearance

IPL Acne Clearance in Westchester CountyThis IPL (intense pulsed light) procedure guides light into the upper layer of the skin. The light is absorbed by the very blood vessels that fuel your sebaceous glands. As a result, less blood flows to the sebaceous glands and less sebum oil is produced overall — which should then translate to less acne as well.

The procedure is gentle and can be completed in under an hour with little to no downtime.

IPL should only be performed by an expert aesthetician, as it requires a deliberate touch to heat the skin in such a way that fewer pimples show up without causing any damage to other tissues. Our aesthetician has extensive practice producing amazing results with IPL.

Speak to an Expert about Acne Treatments

While not all of us are blessed with naturally beautiful skin, there is no reason to cope with unwanted acne when there are solutions available. To discuss either of these procedures with our expert aesthetician and determine which one is more suitable for your unique skin, call our office at (914) 761-8667 today.

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