IPL Photofacial in Westchester County

Our Best Treatment for Improving Summer Sun Damage

It’s hard to resist the allure of the outdoors during the warmer summer months, even though you know what kind of harm UV exposure can do to your skin. You may have the best of intentions to stay covered up and wear sunscreen with a high SPF throughout the summer, only to have some lapses and then notice some sun damage afterward.

Fortunately, the CSNY Medi-Spa team offers IPL (intense pulsed light) photofacial. It is one of the most popular treatments we perform because it is non-invasive and effective. Here, our experts explain why it is frequently requested to improve summer sun damage.

How the Sun Can Damage Your Skin

Ultraviolet (UV) rays — both UVA and UVB — are a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun (and a few other sources like tanning beds). Although they are powerful, they do not penetrate deep into the body, meaning that their effects are primarily limited to the skin. Exposure to these rays can cause sunburn and increase your risk for skin cancer.

Sunburns fade, but many of the types of damage that UV rays inflict on the skin are long-lasting. Symptoms like premature lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation (including spots and freckles), redness, rough skin texture and loss of elasticity can all be the product of prolonged sun exposure.

How IPL Photofacial Can Help

IPL photofacial uses light energy to gently heat the layers of your skin. The warmth stimulates additional collagen production in the skin, which helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin for more even tone and texture. When performed by an expert aesthetician, the procedure is very safe, and the heat does not feel painful.

Other Benefits of IPL Photofacial

Intense pulsed light can help you to overcome other skin imperfections, not just those that are caused by the sun. Aging signs caused by genetics and getting older are similarly improved with IPL photofacial. This treatment has helped some patients by making visible blood vessels less conspicuous, lowering your risk for acne breakouts by reducing large pores and minimizing rosacea.

Make an Appointment

While you should continue to take the appropriate precautions to safeguard your skin from sun exposure now, you cannot change the more care-free approach you took with the sun in your younger years. If you have existing signs of sun damage, you do not need to wait until the end of the summer to reap the benefits of IPL photofacial. Call our office in Westchester, NY at (914) 761-8667 to arrange a consultation (in-person or via video chat) and confirm that you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who studied and trained at prestigious educational institutions including Columbia University, Emory University, and New York University School of Medicine. His keen aesthetic eye and refined surgical techniques have led him to be a top choice for cosmetic face, breast, and body procedures in NYC. His exceptional patient care has earned him the distinction of “Top Doc” by both Westchester Magazine and Castle & Connolly for over 10 years running. Dr. Greenwald is an active member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the Westchester County Medical Society.

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