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Doctors Unite to Build and Donate Wheelchairs in Harrison

Broadcaster, "Some local doctors are giving back to their patients. The Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York held a team building activity and charity event in Harrison this afternoon. They donated wheelchairs they built themselves to Westchester's cancer support team. The Doctors Split up in teams and had to take part in tasks in order to earn the pieces they needed to build each wheelchair. Organizers say 'It's a fun way to give back to their patients.'"

Sam Beran, Plastic Surgeon in Harrison, NY, "We thought as apart of annual picnic we would have a charity event where the staff could actually get their hands dirty, do something could help the patients we take care of in a more direct way other than just helping them in the office."

Broadcaster, "After all their hard work the doctors took some time to relax at their annual picnic."

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