Tummy Tuck

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After pregnancy, significant weight loss, or aging, the abdominal muscles can weaken, and skin in the area can become loose and saggy. In such cases, Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York can enhance and refine your appearance through a abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck. At our Westchester, New York facility, we can both tighten your abdominal muscles and smooth the skin around the abdomen, leaving you with a flat, smooth midsection.

If you would like to find out more about a tummy tuck at any of our New York City area locations, request a complimentary consultation online or contact us at (914) 761-8667. Our surgeons look forward to helping you achieve your reconstructive and cosmetic goals.

What's New

When skin laxity and muscle weakness are confined to the lower part of the abdomen, a modified abdominoplasty, or "mini-abdominoplasty," that limits tissue removal and muscle repair to the area below the navel may be recommended. This more limited procedure leaves a shorter scar but does not provide as much improvement as a traditional tummy tuck. Whatever technique is recommended for you, the goal of the procedure is a firmer, flatter abdomen.

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The CSANY Difference

The surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York want your tummy tuck to be as successful as possible. In many cases, people who are unhappy with the appearance of their midsection also have other cosmetic concerns about their body. Our surgeons will focus on the "total package" of your cosmetic needs so that your tummy tuck is complemented by a completely beautiful you.

Procedure Overview

During your procedure, your tummy tuck surgeon will begin by creating a horizontal incision between your pelvic bones. Your incisions will be carefully placed so they are concealed by a bikini or underwear. During the procedure, excess skin and fat will be removed. To remove skin around the upper abdomen, an incision around the navel will need to be created. After this, your surgeon will tighten the underlying abdominal muscles to create a toned appearance. Typically after your procedure, you will be given a compression garment to wear for a few weeks in order to retain your new shape.

For those who experience excess sagging and laxity primarily in the lower abdominal region, we offer a mini-abdominoplasty, which targets that area specifically. The advantage to a mini-tummy tuck is that there are smaller incisions, and the belly button stays intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my belly button during the procedure?

During your abdominoplasty, your surgeon will create an incision around the navel to allow for adequate removal of excess fat and skin, particularly of the upper abdomen. By moving the umbilicus, your surgeon can create a tighter midsection and even improve the appearance of your navel if necessary.

Will there be scars after my procedure?

Unfortunately, scars are a reality of any surgical procedure. However, the surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York create inconspicuous incisions whenever possible that can be concealed by a bikini or underwear. Most women feel that the scar is worth the beautiful results of the procedure, and also keep in mind that the scar should continue to fade over time and be much less noticeable.

Can a tummy tuck be combined with another procedure?

Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, liposuction can be performed with a tummy tuck to enhance results. Also, a popular option for moms who have experienced significant sagging in the abdomen and breasts is a tummy tuck combined with a breast augmentation or breast lift in the New York City area. This combination procedure is known by many as the mommy makeover.

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